Marketing Campaign Management

Partnering with Merit Marketing Services for marketing¬†campaign management couldn’t be easier!

The list below describes some of our most popular marketing channels and methods for you to chose from for marketing campaign management. Choose an option to get started, or several– for a comprehensive campaign, and then click here to get more details.


Email Marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. Send your message out fast, and get results almost instantly!

Search Engine Marketing

Promote your website and business using SEM. Make your business show up first by increasing visibility in search engine results.


Online Paid Advertising

Sponsored listings and inclusions, and pay per click advertising are a limitless approach to reaching new customers when you are in the growth stage
of your business plan.

Public Relations

Managing the public’s perception of people, goods and services, and organizations is one component of a marketing campaign.


Direct Marketing

Allowing you to communicate directly with your customers we can implement techniques that can include text messaging, direct mail, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising.

Trade Shows & Events

Showing off your latest products and services to consumers, research market trends involve a considerable amount of marketing investment. Make sure your business is represented with the best possible materials and exhibition displays.


Radio and Traditional Media

Commercials are a quick and easy way to get the attention you need.


Contests and giveaways show the creative and fun side of business. Plus, who doesn’t like to be the winner now and then?


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Let us propose a custom plan that will make your next product launch, sale, or event get you the best return on your investment while getting new customers and increasing your bottom line!

Each campaign is completely customized to your business needs and budget. There’s no obligation to learn about the best possible solutions for your business, special event, or products. You can even mix and match to ensure your campaign is a success.