Direct Mail Marketing is a streamlined way of selling to a target market.

Your next marketing piece could have a huge impact for your bottom line.
  • BOOST your response rate
  • INCREASE sales conversions-65% of customers who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engaged in a different marketing channel.
  • IMPACT Printed marketing has a greater emotional tie than traditional media.

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Merit Marketing Services can create a mail campaign to attract customers to your store, website, or what ever you direct them to. There are many options for direct mail. It is the most cost effective way to advertise. Choose your target audience and let us design your, catalog, post card, coupons, or even a letter.

Direct Mail Marketing: “Is it right for my business?”

Do you know your target audience?
Demographics are the most important factor. Locate the existing market and sell them what they want.

What is your goal?
Drive traffic to your website, store, or phone call: Is your business able to handle the increase in volume?

How would you classify your product?
Is it an impulse item, shopping item, re-order item? These will determine the mail piece.

After you have answered these questions now you can begin to think about content.

Sell Your Solution Sell the idea of your product being a solution to your customer’s problem.

Think about your customer’s emotions First, make the purchase decision easy for them. Then close the deal using logic.

What comes attached to the purchase?Is there a free gift, sweepstake, time sensitive discount offer if your customer orders today?

What mail piece will work best for your project?

Professional Letters
Direct mail letters & envelopes offer extensive space so you can promote items that require a great deal of thought.
Self Mailers
Self-mailers like postcards and brochures are great when you are promoting something that has already been purchased and doesn’t require a great deal of thought from your customers.
Catalogs work for many types of purchases if it is laid out properly. Impulse items will prompt shoppers to open the catalog immediately, shopping items will keep customers reviewing the book, and re-order items will encourage keeping the book longer. Catalogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in use today.

Learn how you can benefit from direct mail and let us track metrics and gauge the cost per lead, response rates, and conversion rates of your next marketing campaign. GET STARTED NOW by clicking here.